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Lifting the Veil on Google’s 3 November Blog Post

December 12th, 2016 No comments

Today we are publishing our Response to Google’s 3 November 2016 Blog Post. In it, we describe the unusual and often counterintuitive business model underpinning Google’s anti-competitive search manipulation practices, and we provide a point by point deconstruction of Google’s misleading arguments.

At first glance, Google’s latest blog post appears to be a straightforward rehash of Google’s previous public arguments in the European Commission’s Google Search case.  But this appearance is deceptive. The reality is that Google knows it has already lost the battle over those arguments. Google’s blog post is actually a tentative segue into a new line of argument—based on the pretence that the Commission’s formal anti-trust charges are about advertisements rather than search results and on the false notion that these two things are interchangeable.

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